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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
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Here are answers to the questions asked most frequently:

How do I choose a treatment table?
(see Buying & Guide - General)

What size table will suit me best?
(see Buying Guide - Sizes)

What type of upholstery is best for me?
(see Accessories / Upholstery colors )

How can I wash a vinyl cover without damaging it?
(see Usage, Storage& Maintenance)

What can I do to extent the life span of my material?
(see Usage, Storage& Maintenance)

What are your delivery delays?
Delivery delays are subject to many factors. They are depend on our inventory, the method of payment and the destination. A product which is in inventory and paid by credit card will normally be shipped the next day (less than 24 hours) anywhere in Quebec. If the product is not one we inventory, allow three to four weeks. All orders paid by cheque or money order will be delivered 48 hours following receipt of payment. Shorter delays are possible using a more expense courier service. Delivery delays will allows be quoted when the order is placed.

How much does delivery cost?
Delivery delays vary depending on the volume weight of the delivery, the destination and the delay required. The cost of your delivery will be quoted when the order is passed.

Can I have my table made to measure?
Since all of our tables offer a variety of sizes and accessories most people will not need to have their table custom made. Oakworks offers the widest variety of products on the market. Any specific need can nonetheless be requested and may, at the discretion of the manufacturer, be possible if several units are ordered.


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