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Here is what some of our customers have had to say about our products and service:

" …among other things, the clear, precise explications I was given about the Portal Pro chair and the Aurora CL massage table, put me at ease. Suggestions made be your courteous personnel were based on my professional requirements and adapted to my admittedly unusual personal tastes and I was very satisfied…"
- Céline from Blainville

"After 30 years of working with different products I had the pleasure of trying an Oakworks massage chair and table. They were flexible, light to carry, comfortable, solid and easy to clean They adjust easily and some parts can be transferred to other Oakworks products. Also, after sale service was excellent. I strongly recommend Oakworks equipment. They are superior in all ways."
- Francine from St-Hyacinthe

"I would like to congratulate you on the quality of your products. I have been using your Portal Pro chair intensively for five years now (for 60, 15 minute massages a week) and it is still in perfect condition. It is easy and fast to adjust and afford my customers the comfort they don't get on other chairs."
- Martin from Longueuil

"I would like to thank you and your team for having so kindly lent me a demo table while waiting for mine to be delivered. Thanks to you I was able to give a faster service to customers who really needed it. Thank you again for your help!"
- Diane from Charlesbourg

"My wife and I particularly appreciated receiving a videocassette with our DeskTop Portal. The instructions were clear and explicit."
- Louise & Michel from Chicoutimi

" A little more expensive. .but so far it has been worth it! Thank you for your valuable advice. "
- Stéphanie from Rouyn


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